Love it

Love it

quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

H0lidays. First Week at Mum's house!

The view


New Yorker. Are U one of them?

-My beatiful Two Cars-
-One for Summer the other one for Winter-

Levis Campaign

Thats the POINT (.)

The Cat and the Jewelerys

The real Flowers & the Paint Flowers

Light Effect



With this and I'm almost ready.

He's leaving

Bag is done!


quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

OutJazz LisbonNE/ Spring 2011

Very VERY Funny!

-Chilling with the Puppy at Jardim da <Estrela>-

Ganga + Ganga + Copo + ;)

Sit 4 the girl and 4 the boy.

Of course!

Ele, ele e ela.
Ela, ele e ele.
Ele, ela e ele.

Are U sure???

If U have doubts just CALL US. We try 2 help like "everyone".

Casual...Somewhere in someplace!

Just put the bag on your side

Use it 4 the night & 4 the day.
Just use it!

The legs are 2 walk/the mirror 2 Reflect

Working with happiness & Good VIBESS!!!

Shine on..

I think she likes U! 
Weekend of work...*

                                    Just Love !



           Relaxing during the work! It seems nice & it's nice.

                      Naughty Smile!!!

                              Kisses *.*

                      Peace & Love  4 ALL


Do U have time with U ??

terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

Dinner With Friends!

The people that get late..



The other side of the Bridge

She got the look!

Mandá pausa!

                                      LOVE U SISTA

                            Rebeldes com "R" maíusculo!!!

                                            That's the Way



I went outside to breathe.